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Virtue Breakout Padded Compression Long Sleeve

Virtue Breakout Padded Compression Long Sleeve

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Simplify getting ready for battle, feel better, and play better at the same time. Wear the the Breakout Padded Compression Top underneath your jersey for the ultimate in protection, cooling, and comfort. The Virtue Breakout Padded Compression Top is designed for peak performance so you can move fast and comfortably without bulky pads shifting around.

The Breakout Compression Top is made with dual materials; stretch micromesh on the back and arms for maximum ventilation and a thin moisture wicking base layer on the front. Most importantly, with the Breakout Compression line, you no longer have to put elbow pads on separately or worry about cutting of circulation or sliding down.

Breakout Compression pads are designed for peak performance on game day and feature a slightly thinner molded foam padding than the stand alone Breakout Elbow pads. For the best overall experience, we recommend using stand alone Breakout Elbow pads for training days and Breakout Compression pads on game day. You'll feel lighter and faster than ever when you need to perform at an event, and be better protected and benefit from slightly increased resistance of the heavier stand alone Breakout pads during training.

Compression Base Layer
Lightweight compression comfort feels like second skin.

Integrated Pads
Pads stay in place, move with your body, and make getting ready easier than ever.

Moisture Wicking
Keep your body cool and dry underneath your jersey. 

Performance Padding
Lightweight, pro level pads that don't cut off circulation, and help you run as fast as possible while increasing comfort.

Size Guide
Breakout pads are lightweight stretch compression materials worn close to the skin underneath your jersey. They are not designed to be worn loosely like you might normally prefer a loose fit shirt or jersey. Most people should order based on the size of fitted t-shirt you would normally wear. The following size measurements are taken laid flat, without stretch (not the circumference). The fabric has considerable stretch and will increase beyond this size to mold to your body.

 Size Shirt Height (inches)
Shirt Width (inches)
Est. Player Width (inches)
Small 25 16
Medium 27 17 17-22
Large 29 18 18-23
Extra Large 30 19 19-24
Double Extra Large 31 20 20-25
Triple Extra Large 32 21 21-26


Washing Instructions
Machine wash cold, delicate setting, hang dry.

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