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Virtue Ace Paintballs - Blue V-Logo Shell / Orange Fill - 1 Case

Virtue Ace Paintballs - Blue V-Logo Shell / Orange Fill - 1 Case

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Virtue Ace Paintballs are a tournament grade ball designed for competitive paintball.  The metallic blue shell is emblazoned with the Virtue logo.  The shell is designed to break on target, and not in your pods, loader, or gun.  Bright orange fill erupts from the metallic shell on impact to make it clear when you’ve shot your opponent with a thick, hard to wipe marking.  Virtue Ace Paintballs are the ideal choice for tournaments, big games, or practices where you care about performance (hint, you should always care about paint performance when training). 

  • Devastating Accuracy
  • Pro-Grade Metallic Shell
  • Pro-Grade Bright Fill
  • Ultimate Breaking Dynamics
  • PEG Fill

Devastating Accuracy™

Accuracy is crucial in a paintball. Virtue Paintballs are built around high quality ingredients, a smooth surfaced shell, perfect seams, consistent fluid dynamics, reduced drag, and a consistent 3.2gram ball mass. All of which translate into a more accurate shot. Ace Paintballs are optimized for professional grade accuracy.

Not Made Overseas

Virtue Paintballs are made in North America. Most other competing brands are made overseas, which means your paintball has spent more time on a truck or shipping container with the sun beating on it, reducing it’s quality. As Virtue Paintballs are made with food-grade, biodegradable ingredients, the only way to get a fresh paintball is to produce them close to home.

Improved Marking

Virtue uses a PEG and Titanium Dioxide based fill with bright food-grade dyes that yield an insanely bright marking characteristic and still washes off easily with water. Unlike some other pigment based fills which are watery in touch and dull in appearance the vibrant fill of Virtue leaves a bright splat for everyone to see.

Increased Effective Range

Effective range is really the key when you consider a paintball. Will the ball break on your opponent down the field, or will it slow down so much that the shell does not have enough velocity to shatter on impact. 

Ace Paintballs are designed to minimize drag as they fly through the air, which increase the number of breaks your long range shots will achieve. Ace Paintballs don't violate the laws of physics, but they do have an increased effective range over some other brands with inconsistent sizing, and light weight budget fills. A ball that hits your opponent at just a few feet per second faster can make all the difference between a break and a bounce. The reduction in drag is a combination of the ball weight, fluid dynamics of the fill, size, and shell texture. 

A Note On Shipping Paintballs:

The vast majority of shipments of Virtue paintballs arrive without incident. However,  due the the fragile nature of paintballs, it is possible for occasional damage to occur.  When your paint first arrives, please open the box immediately and inspect for any damage.  If a broken ball does occur, don't worry your paint is still good to use! Simply open the bag and pour the paint into a bath towel. Roll the paint around in the towel to clean it off. No refunds, credits, returns, or replacements are permitted on paintballs. 

Storing & Weather Considerations

The ideal storage conditions for paintballs is between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, in a dry (low humidity) place, out of sunlight. If playing in cold or rainy weather, keep your paint as dry and warm as possible. If playing in warm weather keep your paint as cool as possible out of direct sunlight. During the winter months (Dec-March), Virtue paintballs are formulated for cold weather performance.

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