Collection: Carbon IC & Silencio Barrels | High-Quality Paintball Marker Barrels

Virtue has a great selection of Paintball barrels. The Carbon IC Barrel is a 14” 2-piece Freak XL Ready barrel system featuring an injected carbon back and aluminum front. The barrel’s unique assembly secures the XL insert in between the front and back of the barrel to present a perfectly controlled bore. Key features of the Carbon IC Barrel include lightweight design, carbon fiber-injected back sleeve, anodized aluminum tip, and quick autococker threads. Virtue also sells the Silencio FL Barrel Tip. The Silencio is well known for being accurate, quiet, durable, and able to work in all weather conditions. Its name connotes that the barrel is quiet and that is due to its use of elongated slots instead of round holes. If you’re looking to upgrade from your current barrel, be sure to shop Virtue’s selection of Paintball barrels that come in a variety of models, colors, and sizes.