Collection: High-Quality Paintball Goggles and Loaders | Virtue and Bunkerkings

Virtue Paintball boasts an exclusive collection of the best Paintball goggles and loaders on the market. Our goggles are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. They have interchangeable lenses and foam linings. Additional key features of our goggles include fog-resistant thermal lens, Bright Lens Technology, enhanced vision, improved communication, and incredible ventilation. Virtue and Bunkerkings also offer top of the line Paintball loaders that have become synonymous with winning across the industry. From the more affordable Spire IR² to the industry-renowned Spire IV, our selection of loaders is suitable for beginners, veterans, and everyone in between. Our loaders are reliable (no pulsing or jamming), consistent, lightweight, durable, and easy to use. The toolless lids and quick-change speed feeds allow quick and easy disassembly, cleaning, and battery charging. Lastly, the Proactive 3-Eye Feeding system on Virtue and BK loaders ensures that your gun will never miss a beat. If you or your team are looking to improve on-field results, the first step is shopping the selection of high-quality Paintball loaders at Virtue.