Teammates vs Friends

Teammates vs Friends

*** Teammates VS Friends ***

I see divisional players jump from team to team and while doing so friendships end. There is a huge difference between being teammates and being friends. A true friend wishes the best for one another and never holds it against them for trying to better themselves. Teammates become friends and friends become family.

1) A teammate is a player on your team, someone that is there to compete beside you. Someone that you can fight beside.

1) Becoming friends with your teammates is great. Bonding on and off of the field creates winning habits.
2) Friends trust each other more, and always provide the best constructive criticism.

1) When your friends become family and you couldn’t imagine them not being in your life, then you’ve made it.
2) Having a person on your team that you consider to be family is great chemistry. The bond of brotherhood is amazing.
3) Families grow apart but they are always there for each other. Reach this level with your teammates and you’ll never regret the time you’ve spent playing paintball.

***I know I am not alone in saying that my entire wedding party was made up of current and past teammates.***

*The bond that paintball creates is greater than that of almost anything else you’ll do in life.*

Jason "FK" Edwards #13
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