• Teammates vs Friends

    Teammates vs Friends
    BUILT TO WIN #BTW – PAINTBALL TIP*** Teammates VS Friends ***I see divisional players jump from team to team and while doing so friendships end. There is a huge difference between being teammates and being friends. A true friend wishes the best for one another and never holds it against them for trying to better themselves. Teammates become friends and friends become family.
  • Get Better at Paintball

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    Get Better at Paintball
    We believe that we should all try to help each other out in our paintball community. With that being said we want to offer you all professional tips and advice from our sponsored athletes. We hope that their knowledge will help you become better players, and more excited about the game we all love.  If you want to learn or hear about something that...
  • Practice vs. Tournament Gear

    Practice vs. Tournament Gear
    TIP #7: PRACTICE VS. TOURNAMENT GEAR This is a topic I feel is severely overlooked by almost all tournament paintball players. If you’ve ever played other organized sports I am sure you are familiar with practice uniforms and game uniforms. Paintball is one of the few sports that players commonly use their entire tournament outfit and gear in every practice, the only common item...
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