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archived - Spire Swag Crate

$49.95 $130.00

This Spire Swag Crate is a tremendous value. Not a day will go by that you don't get a glimmer in your eye and remember that today, this day, you fulfilled your destiny and ordered the Spire Swag Crate. So go on, get started!

Plus, with all of our crates, it comes with a $10 Gift Card so you can immediately take care of business yourself if you want something a little different. That's a $130 Value for under 50 bucks! Need an additional incentive? Buy 2 Crates, and get a $30 Discount Code, which is good for $30 off select products. Buy 3 Crates and we'll bump that Discount Code up to $50. 

The exact products colorways and styles may vary slightly in each Crate based on availability, but your Crate will include the following:

  • Virtue N-Charge Rechargeable Battery Pack for Spire III/280, IR/200/260, Rotor/R2/LTR
  • Spire Backshell & Lid
  • 2-sets of Spire Badges
  • Spring Ramp
  • Spire Loader Shell
  • Spire Color Kit
  • $10 virtuepb.com Gift Card
  • + Random bonus goodies added in by our warehouse ninjas.

Due to to inclusion of the gift card, discount codes, and steep discount, no returns are possible on this product.


zzz - Spire Swag Crate
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