Carbon Cleat / Ankle Cover


The Carbon Cleat/ Ankle Covers are designed to fit over (or under) users pants to keep shoelaces tied, debris out and off footwear as well as provide additional support to ankles. Product allows for pant legs to be tucked in the lightweight weather resistant material to maintain a streamlined pant profile.

* Applicable in all weather and terrain. Optimal performance on turf with or without fill (rubber pellets), mud and rain.


  • Sold in pairs (qty 2)
  • Robust elastic nylon blend
  • Non slip interior silicone
  • Weather resistant coating
  • One size fits most (7-13)

*Instructions For Use*

Before putting on footwear, put foot through entire cleat cover. Pull the product up to ankle exposing heel. Put on cleat and tie laces as normal. Pull the bottom of the product over heel (into the arch) then adjust top area (covering laces) to fit. Lastly, pull up from the top and tuck pants in (preference).

!WARNING! Technical Garment: Machine wash with cold water. Water temperature should not exceed 30° C. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry. Do not iron.

Carbon Cleat / Ankle Cover
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