Exclusive Rewards for Virtue & Bunkerkings Teams Who Play in the NXL or ICPL


Finally, a Sponsorship Program that Pays:

  • Free Goggles for your team
  • Free Goggles for your supporting Field or Store
  • $55,000 in total contingency prizes for the NXL season
  • Discounted team pricing on the best 
  • Bonus rebate credits on purchases for each player
  • Big discounts on paint at major NXL events through GI Sportz (your team must be registered with Virtue at least 10 days in advance). 

You won't find a better sponsorship program anywhere. Click the link below to apply:

Apply for the Built to Win Sponsorship Program

NXL Major Events (USA)

$10,000 overall per event

X-ball Semi Pro 1st Virtue/BK Team $2250
X-ball Semi Pro 2nd Virtue/BK Team $1300
X-ball Semi Pro 3rd Virtue/BK Team $500
X-ball D2 1st Virtue/BK Team $1250
X-ball D2 2nd Virtue/BK Team $750
X-ball D2 3rd Virtue/BK Team $250
X-ball D3 1st Virtue/BK Team $1000
X-ball D3 2nd Virtue/BK Team $550
X-ball D3 3rd Virtue/BK Team $200
X-ball D4 1st Virtue/BK Team $650
X-ball D4 2nd Virtue/BK Team $350
X-ball D4 3rd Virtue/BK Team $125
5-man D3 1st Virtue/BK Team $275
5-man D4 1st Virtue/BK Team $275
5-man D5 1st Virtue/BK Team $275


$3,750 overall per event

10-man Pro 1st Virtue/BK Team


10-man Pro 2nd Virtue/BK Team

10-man Pro 3rd Virtue/BK Team $200
10-man Amateur 1st Virtue/BK Team $900
10-man Amateur 2nd Virtue/BK Team $450
10-man Amateur 3rd Virtue/BK Team $200
5-man Open 1st $350
5-man Open 2nd $150
NXL Minor (USA) $3,750 overall per event
X-ball D2 1st Virtue/BK Team $800
X-ball D2 2nd Virtue/BK Team $400
X-ball D3 1st Virtue/BK Team $700
X-ball D3 2nd Virtue/BK Team $350
X-ball D4 1st Virtue/BK Team $600
X-ball D4 2nd Virtue/BK Team $300
5-man D3 1st Virtue/BK Team $200
5-man D4 1st Virtue/BK Team $200
5-man D5 1st Virtue/BK Team $200



Please read through this section so your team is aware of the terms and conditions.

  1. Your team may choose either Virtue or Bunkerkings gear (mix and match) to be eligible for team sponsorship deals and contingency package. 
  2. To be eligible for the free goggles (VIO Contour, Extend, XS or Ascend only) your team must buy exclusively into the Virtue product line - Spire IVs (280s included), Breakout Pants, Breakout Strapless or Elite Strapped Packs, Breakout Elbow and Knee Pads, and Virtue Custom Jerseys in 2021.
  3. One supporting paintball store or field is eligible to receive matching free goggles along with the team's gear package. Stores must be a Platinum dealer level or higher, with an account in good standing. Fields must sign an agreement and agree to provide promotional photography of the goggles in use by referee and staff and agree to place an order for the upcoming line of Virtue Paintballs, manufactured and distributed by GISportz / KORE. The goggles are only for staff use, not resale - we want the staff of Virtue sponsored teams to look professional and high-end.
  4. If the team opts for mix-and-match gear selection between Bunkerkings and Virtue, the team must still used Virtue or BK goggles, Loaders, Packs, Pants, Pads, and Jerseys exclusively. Any non-approved or competing gear use will forfeit all sponsorship benefits. 
  5. Sponsored team agrees to maintain good sportsmanship, not to advertise the sale of any new equipment below the MSRP listed on virtuepb.com. Team will make a best faith effort to promote Virtue and/or Bunkerkings. 
  6. $55,000 in contingency will be paid in the form of prizes/account credit to on above schedule.
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