Virtue N-Charge Rechargeable Battery Pack - Fits all Spires & Rotors
The VIRTUE N-Charge is an easy to install rechargeable battery pack providing better performance over traditional AA batteries in a lightweight package. Never buy batteries again thanks to the easy USB charging port. Recharge on the fly using your phone charger,...
Virtue Jogger Pants - Built to Win - Black
  It’s hard to to move up the field with bulky, heavy and outdated playing gear. The Virtue Joggers were created to bring the flexibility, comfort, and performance of athletic jogger pants to paintball.  Virtue Joggers are made using lightweight technical fabrics...
Virtue Spire III / IV Color Kit - Chromatic Fire
Virtue Spire III / IV Loader Color Kit | Spire Paintball Hopper Upgrade Swap out those stock black parts that came with your Spire III or Spire IV with some eye candy! Add the chromatic windows and color ring if...
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