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Virtue Spire Endorsed by Houston Heat

With the 2015 season ready to kick off next week, Houston Heat announced today the entire team will be using the Virtue Spire loader. Heat will be using a mix of Spire 200s, 260s, and CrownSF speed feeds.

“Ever since the Spire was launched 2 years ago, most of the team have already been using Spires even though we never had a formalized agreement,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of Virtue Paintball. “In many cases the team even bought loaders, so we’re happy we can finally make the team’s use of the Spire ‘official’. This means some exciting new products on the horizon for Virtue and Houston Heat.”

“Virtue makes a great loader, and I’ve got to be honest, at first I was one of the hold-outs on the team who didn’t immediately switch over,” said Chad ‘Yaya’ Bouchez of Houston Heat, “But gradually I started seeing the benefits of loader that was not only smaller, and lighter, but most importantly the Spire just doesn’t jam and works the best with the ultra fragile GI paint that we like to shoot through our Luxes.”

When the Spire originally launched at the end of the 2012 season, several players on Houston Heat started using the Spire immediately, and went on to win the last 2 events of the season. In 2015, with the return of the Russians, combined with an already stacked roster, Houston Heat is arguably fielding the best line-up in pro paintball history.

“We are thrilled to be formally working with and supporting Houston Heat this year,” said Chris Williams, “Sarge has put together a top team, which is focusing on winning and we truly honored that Heat has chosen to use the Spire out of all the other loaders on the market.”

In August, 2012 Virtue Paintball unveiled the Spire. Its purpose was to deliver to the best players in the world a jam-proof feeding system, fast tool-less assembly, in an aggressive, lightweight, compact design that holds more paint than its competitors. A year later, the Spire 260, was launched, which brought a whopping 260 round capacity loader to the market that was still smaller than it’s sub-200 round competitors.

Houston Heat was founded in 2012 by Randy “Sarge” Smith, who has a passion for building professional competitive paintball teams. Ever since the team’s inception, Heat has always been a top contender in both the PSP and Millennium Series, and has placed in the top-three 11 times since the team’s formation. Houston Heat is currently sponsored by GI Sportz, DLX Technologies, Anthrax Paintball, and Virtue Paintball.