Virtue Elite Pro Jersey | Virtue Paintball Jersey

The Virtue Elite Pro Jersey offers durable styling and lightweight performance. Modeled after the requirements of Competitive Paintball, the Elite Pro Jersey features Reinforced Nylon forearms, Contour Padded shoulders and superior ventilation.



A true to size fit has been implemented into the cut of this Jersey so that you can find the right size easily.  Simply use your shirt size to order for a perfect fit or increase the size of your shirt by one when ordering for a baggier appearance.

Reinforced Nylon forearms accompanied by an array of 2 Way flexible fabrics allows the Elite Pro Jersey to withstand the stress placed on the Jersey while playing.   Fabrics are specifically placed to enhance the longevity of the Jersey.

2-Way Flexible Mesh allows ventilation areas to expand and contract with your body motion which keeps the flow of air at a maximum. Conveniently placed up the side of the torso leading up and around your armpit.

Our Virtue Half Gloves extend out of the forearm of the Jersey and feature a light layer of dense foam padding to cushion the palm of your hand when diving. The Half Gloves are built to conform to your hand and withstand repeated abuse.

Contour Padded shoulders and Padded forearms allow an improved bounce factor. With stronger fabrics and specifically placed padding we have improved the overall protection of the Elite Pro Jersey without appearing bulky.

The Virtue Elite Pro Jersey has been completed with a unique Sublimation print over the majority of the Jersey. Styled with an aggressive edge in line with modern design – This Jersey has a mean look and blends well in Air and Woods-ball styles of play.


  • Reinforced Nylon Forearms
  • 2 Way Stretch Fabric
  • Padded Half Gloves
  • True to Size Fit
  • Ventilation
  • Padded Shoulders / Forearms
  • Built for Air and Woodsball
  • Aggressive Styling

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