Free Paintball Goggle by BASE Paintball | Free Paintball Mask For Qualifying Industry Members

BASE Paintball is a new field brand partnered with Virtue Paintball that will begin shipping to fields and dealers this Fall and in early 2017. BASE combines 26 years of industry experience to build the ultimate field line of products with a technical, yet extremely effective and simplistic design philosophy.


BASE builds what the operator needs; no more no less. Intricate designs and useless added features are a staple in the world of uninspired products. Extensive research and development lay the framework for proper functionality and reliability.


We put the FUN in function. Essential quality based around your needs with no flashy colors and no cheap materials. Only pure performance. Extensively tested by recreational and tournament players in all climates and conditions around the world. BASE products keep you in the game.


If you’re looking to get more info on pricing and availability when the BASE line is ready to launch, fill out the form below to get a free BASE goggle + field accessory package and we’ll get in touch with you when BASE has arrived.

Free Base Goggle + Field Package Request Form

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    Customer Experience
    Lens Field of View
    Appearance (Looks)
    Easy to Clean
    Anti-fog Coated Single Lens
    Water Resistant Thermal Lens
    Built-in Visor
    Quick Change Lens
    Quick Change, Low Cost Foam
    Full Head Protection
    Dedicated Kids Size
    Quick-dry Moisture Proof Strap
    Multiple color options
    Field branded strap
    Your response does not affect your eligibility for receiving a free Base goggle.
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  • I understand that receipt of the free Base goggle and field package is only for qualifying stores and fields, subject to availability and approval by both Virtue Paintball and Base Paintball. Signing up for this offer means that Virtue Paintball will email me more offers in the future that I can choose to unsubscribe from. Further, I am aware the current ETA for the delivery of Base goggles is starting in January 2017.

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