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Shoot Virtue Ace, the ultimate paintball that’s devastatingly accurate with more effective range due to it’s enhanced breaking dynamics. All Virtue Ace, Edge and Base Zone Paintballs feature an environmentally friendly PEG fill with food-grade dyes so you can be assured of a bright splat that’s easy to clean with water and completely biodegradable. The most trusted name in paintball loader and goggle technology now has you covered when it comes to paint! We Built a Better Ball. Built to Win.


<blockquote>The next time you shoot someone on the break, don’t just shoot them, Ace them!

<footer>Jason Edwards<cite title=”Source Title”>, Tampa Bay Damage</cite></footer></blockquote>

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Key Features

  • Devastating Accuracy™
  • Pro-grade Metallic Shell
  • Pro-grade Bright Dye Fill
  • Ultimate Breaking Dynamics
  • PEG Fill (no oil)
  • 2000 round case (four 500 round bags)
  • .68 caliber

Accuracy is crucial in a paintball. Virtue Paintballs are built around high quality ingredients, a smooth surfaced shell, reduced drag, and consistent mass; all of which translate into a more accurate shot. Both the Ace and Edge Virtue Paintballs are optimized for professional grade accuracy, with Ace balls being the top of the line.
Hard paint hurts. Hard paint bounces. Hard paint is destructive on gear and lenses. Virtue Paintballs are designed with a priority on breaking dynamics that will break on soft targets more consistently so you can turn those would-be bounces into eliminations as your opponents walk off the field in brightly colored hits.
Virtue Paintballs are designed to not only minimize drag, but also have superior breaking dynamics which increase the number of breaks your long range shots will achieve. A ball with better breaking dynamics that hits your opponent at just a one or two feet per second faster can make all the difference between a break and a bounce.
Virtue uses a PEG based fill with bright food-grade dyes that yield an insanely bright marking characteristic and still washes off easily with water. Unlike some other pigment based fills which are watery in touch and dull in appearance the vibrant fill of Virtue leaves a bright splat for everyone to see.
You probably never thought about it, but a better quality paintball will not only shoot better, but it will actually make your gun shoot better by leaving less residue inside your gun and loader. Virtue Paintballs are made with less lint residue meaning the internals of your gun will stay cleaner longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtue Paintballs are made with 100% biodegradable, food grade ingredients. In fact, it’s not uncommon for paintball encapsulators to also produce pills for human consumption. This doesn’t mean paintballs are food to be eaten be people or animals. They are not designed for consumption. The fill is made primarily from PEG, with Water, Glycerine, Food-grade Dyes, and Emulsifying wax thicker, and Titanium Dioxide. The shell is made primarily from pure Gelatin, with a Sorbitol additive to control breaking dynamics.

We take every precaution to ensure Virtue Paintballs are the best quality, but ultimately, please be aware, that paintballs are food-grade ingredients. Virtue Paintballs are shipped in climate controlled trucks to our distribution center, each batch of paint is inspected and tested during production, before and after shipping. Cases are wrapped and packed properly before shipping. If for some reason your paint arrives damaged, typically you can neatly cut open the top of the bag, pour the paint on to a towel, and roll it around, drying it off and wiping out the inside of the bag with a paper towel. Fill the bag back up with the paint, and close the bag up until you’re ready to go play.

Unless the dimples are huge, very often small dimples won’t make a significant difference in accuracy. However, to ensure your paint stays the freshest, one thing you can do is rotate which side your cases are sitting on from time to time as you store them or even open the cases and lay the bags flat. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of letting the paint acclimate in the sealed bag outside the box for a day or two before using and the dimples can work their way out. Of course, the older the paint gets, more these dimples can set in place, so proper storage techniques early on is important.

Virtue Paintballs are designed with breaking dynamics to maximize breaks on the target, and reduce bounces, and make paintball more fun to play (no one likes to get shot with paintballs as hard as rocks). There are many times we’ve heard someone say with pride, “I didn’t break a single ball the entire tournament.” To which the wiser player would comment that you likely bounced several guys instead of eliminating them. We are upfront in our philosophy that an occasional barrel break is easy enough to clean, and it means your paint has just the right breaking dynamics to increase the number of eliminations you get on your opponents.

One of the key ways to maintain your paintball’s breaking dynamics after production is to ensure it is stored in cool, dry locations, which is why Virtue paint is shipped to regional distribution centers in climate control trucks. If you break the occasional ball in the barrel, this is not a bad thing as it means your paint breaking dynamics are just right. In our view, it’s better to carry a swab or squeegee and clean an occasional break instead of consistently bouncing your opponents.

However, if you feel your paint is breaking too easily, make sure you aren’t packing your pods too tightly. Ensure your barrel bore is not too tight, and as a last resort trying opening the bags and let them warm up in the sun for 5 minutes at a time. In general, it’s easier to take brittle paint and make it shoot harder than it is to take hard paint and make it brittle.

Paint should be:

  • kept dry
  • cool (60-80F)
  • out of the sun
  • avoid extreme temperature shocks

Remember, paintballs are made from food grade ingredients, which means it’s just as sensitive as as many items you’d put in your refrigerator; and even though old paint might still shoot, it’s performance will degrade over time.

Avoid leaving bags wide open, as your paintballs will immediately start to suck up moisture from the air like a sponge, reducing their breaking dynamics. As explained above, however, you can use this knowledge to your benefit by warming up the paint in open bags for a few minutes if you find it’s too brittle when it’s cold outside.

Good players and teams take care of their paint based on the weather — if it’s hot you’ll often see smart teams store their paint (in unopened bags or podded up) in a cooler on top of a layer of ice with cardboard over the ice to absorb the moisture. On cold days, keeping the paint warm is important, which might mean running your car. These pro tips might seem extreme, but can absolutely make the difference between winning and losing a tournament.

The most experienced paintball players recognize that a great day of paintball starts with great equipment and great paint.

All three grades of paintballs are very high quality. Virtue Ace and Edge Paintballs are Pro Grade paintballs, and Base Zone is a Premium Grade paintball. None of our paint is seconds quality, unless specifically advertised as such in a special sale.

Ace and Edge share the same Pro Grade Fill and Metallic shell, however Ace has a more accurate shell and more advanced breaking dynamics due to the way is produced. The Base Zone fill looks similar, but has a slightly higher water content to the fill and a more robust breaking dynamic to the shell.

Both Ace and Edge are ideal for tournaments, and equally; Edge and Base are great for practice, training or field use.

Yes! Virtue Paintballs have less lint on the ball, ensuring your gun and loader internals don’t accumulate as much gunk inside as when you use other paint brands over time. Especially for paintball players who shoot a lot of paint, fine lint fibers on the paintball are an enemy to your gun’s performance. They can get sucked into the loader, eyes, bolt system, even the solenoid. Shoot down, inconsistent velocity, first shot drop-off, even loader jams (well, not in the Virtue Spire!) can all occur as lint accumulates in the gun.

Where does the lint come from? After encapsulation, when the paintballs go through a tumbling process, towels are placed in the tumblers to help absorb any residue lubricant from the encapsulator. These towels frequently break down and leave very fine lint fibers on the ball. Virtue Paintballs are tumbled with a low-pill microfiber that leaves less lint residue meaning your gun, bolt system, eyes, and loader will stay cleaner longer!

As explained above, generally speaking, a ball that weighs the same, is slightly smaller, and has better breaking dynamics, will more consistently break instead bounce when it hits the target. For this reason, Virtue Paintballs leave the encapsulation facility sized on average to .676″. If you are measuring your paintball with a caliper, take note that the way all paintballs are encapsulated makes paint slightly larger at the seams than at the poles.

In general, slightly overboring your barrel to paint (having a larger diameter barrel than the diameter of the paintball), reduces drag on the ball, and reduces the likelihood of breaks in the barrel; and most importantly has no detrimental effects on accuracy or consistency. We recommend slightly overboring for this reason.

If you want to match our paintballs to your bore size, however, it is best to have a variety of control bores because paintballs are made with food-grade ingredients that are heavily dependent on temperature and humidity. Virtue Paintballs leave the encapsulator in climate controlled trucks when they are shipped to their regional distribution facilities, but once any paintball begins to warm up it starts to swell slightly. If you’re concerned about bore sizes, test the paint as you start the day and again as it warms up.

We’re going to make paintball internet heads explode everywhere, by saying that yes, in some circumstances Virtue Paintballs can not only shoot slightly farther, but most importantly have more effective range. By slightly reducing the size of the ball, while keeping the mass of the ball the same Virtue Paintballs produce less drag as they travel through the air. As soon as the paintball exits your barrel, it immediately starts slowing down. Less drag on the ball as it travels through the air means it will arrive at your target with a slightly higher velocity than a ball with more drag.

Effective range is really the key when you consider a paintball. Will the ball break on your opponent down the field, or will it just bounce as it slowed down so much that the breaking dynamics of the shell do not have enough velocity to shatter on impact.

Virtue Paintballs are designed to not only minimize drag, but also have more brittle breaking dynamics which increase the number of breaks your long range shots will achieve.

It’s important to make note that we’re talking about a battle of inches or maybe a foot on a longer field. But consider whether you’d like to play against an opponent who started 6 inches or 1 foot off the starting gate. A ball that is more fragile and hits your opponent at just a one or two feet per second faster can make all the difference between a break and a bounce.

Virtue’s philosophy for our paintballs is to build a better ball that isn’t designed around the lowest price point, but is designed to shoot straight, break on target more frequently; thereby increasing effective range, and hurt less.

Please read over this entire Q&A if you want to have a better understanding of the Virtue philosophy toward paintball production, usage and storage. Paint is very subjective, and we believe in being transparent about the design of our paint and the philosophy behind it. One question to think about with your paint in general is the age old question — do you want the ball to break more on target and never bounce or have occasional barrel breaks?

Of course the trade-off isn’t always that stark, but it can illustrate a more important design trade-off that is often ignored when it comes to paintballs. There has been a trend in recent years toward harder and cheaper paintballs. Usually these two characteristics go hand-in-hand. But hard paint hurts much more, hard paint bounces, and it damages your equipment easier.

Cheap paint costs more. When you buy cheap paint, you’re not paying less. You’re buying more bounces and paying for more missed shots. Virtue did not get into the paintball world to build a cheaper ball. We built a better ball that’s designed to increase the amount of fun you have as you watch the bad guys walk off the field one-by-one.

A good paintball makes for a good day of paintball. A great paintball can lay the groundwork for memories that will last a lifetime. Ask any professional paintball player to think back on the events they won, and they will all tell you something similar — whatever they pointed their gun at just seemed to walk off the field. It’s like they were on fire. No doubt their game plans and equipment were dialed in, but the quality of the paint is critical to success.

There’s a reason why cheap paint is often harder. Paint that is encapsulated quickly, and dried quickly is cheaper to make, but reduces quality overall and increases hardness. Hard paint bounces. Hard paint hurts. You’ll have a lot more fun if your opponents are actually eliminated when you shoot them, and everyone will have more fun if a paintball doesn’t cut your skin and leaves smaller welts. Incidentally, hard paint also scratches lenses easier, so the factions of a cent per-ball you’re saving with cheap paint is destroying your lenses quicker.

When the total cost of your time and equipment is considered, spending a few bucks more on a case to have a much better experience is always the better choice.