Virtue Spire 260™ Paintball Loader | Virtue Spire 260 Round Hopper

What’s smaller than competing loaders, yet still holds 260 rounds? Still Smaller, Lighter, Holds More, Easier, and Never Jams: the Virtue Spire 260.

Graphic Cyan

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    • True 260™ Capacity
    • Approx. 1/2” Taller than std. Spire
    • Holds 45% More Paint than Competing Loaders at the Same Size
    • Interchangeable Parts with std. Spire
    • Control the Breakout
    • Dominate Your Opponents While They’re Reloading
    • Stay Tucked in Tight with a Low Profile
    • Reload at the Right Time Every Time
    • Easier Reloads with No Wasted Paint


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      • Tool-less Disassembly: Slide Lock Quick Release Button for easy, tool-less disassembly.
      • Flex Cycle Paddle: Rubber Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed even the most brittle paint.
      • Spring Loaded Anti-jam Drive: Slides underneath and pushes jams out of the way before they occur.
      • Shot Activated Sensor: Intelligent G-Force Sensor isolates and detects acceleration from each shot.
      • Aggressive Low Profile Styling: Adds approx. 4.4” of height to the gun as a result of spacing saving with the vertically stacked gearbox.
      • Single Tray Internal Construction: All of the Spire internals are attached to a single tray for easy removal.
      • Transparent Back Shell: View paint levels in a single glance without showing everyone else.
      • True 260™ Capacity: High ball capacity holds 260 paintballs.
      • Self-Optimizing Motor: Monitors motor torque and the G-force sensor to optimize performance.
      • Quick Change Speedfeed: Optional Crown2 changes back and forth from Speed Feed to Lid in seconds.
      • Wide Mouth Lid: Huge lid opening for easy reloading.
      • Extremely Tough Shells: Front, Bottom & Back Shells made from reinforced, impact modified materials.
      • Internally Sorting Spire Drive: Spire shaped drive funnels and feeds paint.
      • Reball Ready: Works with most Reballs™ and other branded reusable paintballs.
      • Electronic Force Feed Button: Press the LED cover to manually force the Spire to spin.
      • Adjustable Settings: Speaker, LED control, Standby, Sensitivity, and Factory Reset.
      • Water Resistant Electronics: Conformal coated electronics protect the circuitry from moisture and paint.
      • Audible, Instant-on: Push button on/off with audible speaker feedback.
      • Long Battery Life: Ultra long battery life from 3 AA batteries.