Virtue Clock II Chronograph | Paintball Radar Chrono

The Virtue Clock is the paintball industry standard for monitoring feet per second (FPS), balls per second (BPS), and velocity consistency (avg, +/-) in a compact handheld unit. The Clock II features completely redesigned electronics including a more durable and battery efficient LCD screen and a more reliable and accurate radar antenna.


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    • The Virtue Clock II upgraded LCD Display and new Radar Antenna offer the following improvements:
    • Improved Moisture Resistance: While the Clock II is not designed to be waterproof, the new electronics and screen are much more reliable after exposure to moisture and excessive humidity.
    • Improved Radar Accuracy: Radar accuracy and velocity reporting is more accurate thanks to the better quality radar signal from the new antenna.
    • Improved Battery Life: The new LCD screen is 300% more battery efficient than the OLED screen used on the original Clock.
    • Improved Sunlight Performance: The new LCD displays much better in direct sunlight compared to the original OLED screen. The brighter the sunlight, the better the display gets, and the LCD still incorporates a backlight for low light operation.
    • Upgraded Battery Harness: The heavy duty battery harness is not only stronger, but it won’t accidentally come unplugged.
    • Four New Colorways: To help differentiate the Clock II, and to add a bit of style, the Clock II is available in 4 unique colorways.


Backorder; ETA Nov. 2017



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    • Records multiple shots in a string
    • Displays both BPS and FPS shot history
    • Displays velocity consistency
    • Integrated game & break timer
    • Heavy Duty glass filled nylon


Click Here for info on the Upgrade Program for Original Clock Users

In the last five years, the Virtue Clock has become the industry standard for paintball chronographs. Virtue is pleased to release the Clock II with an upgrade program for all existing Clock users. Over the lifespan of the original Clock, Virtue has provided unprecedented support for fields, customers and teams and we are offering this new upgrade path to the Clock II as a way to encourage all current users of the Clock to experience the benefits of the upgraded design.


  • Super Efficient LCD screen
  • FPS Reading: Displays most recent and/or peak FPS
  • FPS History: Stores 15 rapid fire shots in scrollable memory
  • Velocity Consistency: +/- variation of a string’s velocity consistency
  • Average FPS: Average velocity of a string
  • Game & Break Timer: Game timer, with optional Break Timer
  • Balls Per Second: Peak BPS (with scrollable history)
  • Rail Accessory Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • Kensington Laptop Lock Slot
  • 2-slot Allen Key Holder
  • Heavy Duty Ballistic Glass Filled Nylon
  • Tool-less 4-AA battery door


    • Monitors FPS, BPS, and Velocity Consistency.
    • Radar FPS measurement to stay within safety & legal limits.
    • BPS measurement for Rate of Fire enforcement.
    • Velocity consistency ensures your gun is accurate at long range.
    • FPS history ensures performance is maximized at high rates of fire.